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                      About Us

You may wonder what separates one tile cleaning service company apart from others, and we can tell you that it involves more than merely price. Tile restoration requires an experienced hand and professional maintenance equipment.
At Tile Cleaning Perth, we remain the expert choice in complete tile repairs and cleaning solutions, assisting more Perth WA residents with better services for less. By keeping our quality high and our pricing low, we manage to help more homeowners throughout the community every day.


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If you are contemplating ripping out your old tile floors, we may have ways of saving you thousands in replacement costs. Our clients can’t believe the results that we achieve on even the dirtiest of tile floors on every call.
Choosing us is still the best choice for more repair and cleaning needs you might have for your tile floors. Make sure you save a ton on better repair services by hiring us for your home now.

                        Experienced Tile Cleaning

Tile flooring maintenance should always begin with the cleaning side of things. Most of what we perceive as cracking or blemishes winds up remaining trapped dust and dirt.
Even a good mopping can make your tiles appear even filthier because the pores hold on to unclean water. You may think you’re helping out your floors when in fact you’re just spreading mud further.
Instead, we provide expert cleaning solutions for any condition of tile floors, allowing you the services you need to maintain a clean home. Your dirtiest tiles are no match for our cleaning contractors, who offer the following services and more each day:

  • Mold & Mildew Cleaning
  • Soap Scum Removal
  • Interior Tile Cleaning
  • Exterior Tile Restoration
  • Discolored/Dirty Grout Cleaning
  • Bathroom Tile Service
  • Kitchen Tile Options
  • Shower Glass Cleaning
  • And more tile and grout restoration services.

There’s no need to continue living with worn out tiles and gross grout throughout your house when a better solution remains available for your call. Contact us right away for the tile floor and grout cleaning experts for your home.


                                Tile Flooring Repairs

Sometimes all you need is an expert repair for cracks and other damages. Even grout can crumble away, allowing your tiles to shift.
Tile flooring repair is among the best ways to keep your home safe, as well as preventing the need for expensive reinstallations. When you need your floors remaining at their best, call our service team for better results each time.
We offer more ways to renew your tile floors, all at affordable rates daily. Call us now for the best in local flooring repairs, including:

  • Missing Tiles
  • Missing Grout
  • Loose Floor Tiles
  • Damaged Tiles
  • Subfloor Repairs
  • Cracked Tile Sealing
  • Grout Recolouring
  • Exterior Tile Floor Repairs
  • Interior Tile Repair Options
  • Bathroom Renovation Services
  • Kitchen Remodel Solutions
  • Flooring Conversion Option
  • Slippery Tile Service
  • And more tile flooring repair solutions.

You don’t need to call multiple repair and cleaning service providers when we handle all your needs quickly. Call Tile Cleaning Perth today for tile flooring solutions.

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